29 August, 2006

Jason Shiga

Imagine that you regain consciousness and find you're in a phone booth completely encased in concrete. Imagine that all you have with you are the contents of your pockets and a few mysterious documents. Imagine that you have only 48 hours to live, unless you can find a way out.
Or better yet, don't bother imagining it. Just read (if you haven't already) Jason Shiga's amazing Fleep. And while you're there, check out Shiga's other work - including the marvellous Bus Stop. Easily some of my favourite web comics.

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Priya Ramanathan said...

hi, i am looking to get in touch wiht somoene who has some influence in teh press to comment on certain content ona certain serial namely MAMTA, on Zee Tv Prime time! the recent promo made a generic, defining comment on the statuzs of those with "Sarp Dosh" in their horoscopes claiming, that their spouses are destined to die early. for them its a plot point, but for teh TV addicted audience, sucha comment heard from the mouth of a man dressed as a pandit, will be something to base their future decisions on. its preposterous.

in a time where finding the right erson is getting increasingly difficult as it is, such an irresponsible comment from memeber of the media, needs to be pulled up. earlier when ekta kapoor shpwed a rape scene on naitonal tv, lots of poeple cried hoarse. but what happens to biases liek these that serials instill i audiences? how can i help in TV censorship, or at least bring to the notice of the makers, taht they need to be slightly more responsible?

i am a Tv writer, adn intend to do teh rounds of calls, through contacts, to chanels and production houses. but i am not an intimidating figure, so they might not take me sriously. i intend to file a PIL as well, but a PIL will not find its dues place under the sun, unless the press carries it. Can i find a volunteer here?

Uma mahadevan, i originally thought to contact you directly, but since the address mentioned was a gmail one, i have little faith if it will reach you. there seems to be a problem with their servers. at least i have not been able to access my gmail account, in these last few days.
my email address is prirajan@yahoo.com