31 October, 2006

The Play Is The Thing

Step 1: You write the best goddamn play

Step 2: You send it to the BBC

Step 3: You win the Contest

Step 4: In an interview to the New Yorker, you say, "I would like to thank my mother, God and my trusted laptop. But mainly, I want to thank Blogolepsy. I thank them with all my heart."

Step 5: You send us half the prize money.


sak said...

ok, i can do all the above except step 1. does that count? Some lax in the rules guys...pls?!

km said...

sak: LOL, but I'd strongly advise against lifting from Pinter or Ionesco.

Ravages said...

I'll do step 4. Can you do step 1-3 for me? We'll later come to an agreement on Step 5

km said...


Yale has a dummies' guide to theatre.

No, I did not call you a dummy :))